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The human body reacts to extreme conditions in many perilous ways, and extreme heat is no exception. Temperatures can reach as much as 150° F inside a racecar and coupled with poor air quality can lead to a form of heat exhaustion where body fluids are lost through heavy sweating.

Before installing his Koolbox IV, driver Bill Elliott suffered heat exhaustion during a race. His medical team administered fluids and oxygen. It was thirty minutes before Bill was able to safely walk out of the transporter.

Computech's Koolbox helps keep racecar drivers alert and focused on the race with cool, clean, carbon-monoxide-scrubbed air. Consistent performance from race to race is enhanced with the body-cooling effects of Koolbox products.

The Competitive Edge

It's time to consider the advantages that Koolbox can offer. And just like any improvement that you can make in the performance of your racecar, one that can lead to better driver performance will give you one more competitive edge. Why not check out what Koolbox technology can do for you? Your competition already has!

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