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Easy installation

Mount the Koolbox well above and behind the driver's seat. Next, insulate and install the 3" NACA duct and then insulate and run the 1-1/2" helmet hose. Make sure to mount the driver's control box within easy reach. To finish just connect the incoming power and you'e ready to roll in Koolbox comfort.

Easy Maintenance

The Computech Koolbox has an easily removed and cleanable air filter that should be cleaned after each race. The average NASCAR driver breathes in large volumes of air pollutants like smoke, rubber particles and dust during a race. Starting each race with a clean air filter helps ensure you are breathing the best filtered air possible.

Optional Carbon Monoxide Filter

The Computech Koolbox Carbon Monoxide Filter is disposable and performs two important jobs. First, particles as small as five microns are filtered and second, carbon monoxide is reduced by up to 99%. Each cartridge is good for a full six hours of driving.

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