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Computech is a custom manufacturing company offering a diverse array of services and products, including: engineering services, automation equipment, custom machining, complete CAD/CAM capabilities, aircraft-quality tube bending and thermoelectric microclimate systems to name just a few. For a complete listing and further information on Computech's products and services, visit computechmfg.com.

The Birth of the Kool

The technological breakthrough that eventually led to the Koolbox line of products all began with a tiny device powered with a battery. When activated the solid state device caused one side to get hot and the other to cool down, (a solid state heat pump). Today, racecar drivers everywhere are keeping their cool with the Koolbox technology that began with just and idea and a vision.

Rocket Science? No Problem

Because of our participation on the NASA design team, our concepts were incorporated into the space agency's liquid cooling system–the same system that NASA astronauts use during takeoff and re-entry. You can see our Advanced Technology Exhibit in the Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Designing Solutions

Heat is the deadly enemy of electronics and people. Our engineering concepts have been deployed keeping our military air and ground troops cool and alert. At Computech, we understand vibration, heat and moisture. We can design to the most demanding specifications while maintaining size, weight and reliability. Bring us your problems and we'll design a unique, dependable solution.

Computech Manufacturing CO., INC.

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